A JAK1 Selective Kinase Inhibitor and Tofacitinib Affect Macrophage Activation and Function. De Vries L. C. S et al.  Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 25 (4) 2019.

Janus kinases (JAKs) are involved in the intestinal inflammation found in IBD. A common treatment for this disease is tofacitinib, a drug that inhibits different JAKs. Although this therapy is effective, it doesn’t target only a particular JAK. This unespecificity is linked to the adverse effects that shows the drug.

Read this study to see how researchers have discovered that tofacitinib therapeutical action is made through the inhibition of JAK1 despite inhibiting all JAKs, opening the door to more specific treatments for IBD that target only JAK1. This would avoid the adverse effects of the tofacitinib and would be an attractive approach to improve how this disease is treated. To the publication >