Over ten million people worldwide live with IBD, a disease that goes unnoticed by most of the people around them. To increase its visibility today we celebrate world IBD day. Under the motto “Making the invisible visible” over 50 countries are joining this initiative to show support to all the IBD warriors out there and to show to the society all the invisible aspects of the disease.

Monuments worldwide will light up in purple to celebrate this day and patient associations and advocacy groups will organise activities at local scale to raise awareness about this disease. Whether it is attending a informative talk, participating in the walks and charity runs or just wearing a purple ribbon, join us and help us making IBD visible! You can check out the World IBD website to find out about the events happening in your city.

At New Deal we will keep working hard on our #IBDresearch to hopefully be able to help IBD patients in the future!

Follow the event hashtags and tell us about your IBD story!