Living with IBD: lost in diagnosis

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Digestive problems, bloating intestine, diarrhoea… Gastrointestinal diseases are varied but, at least by looking at their symptoms, almost every one of them can look the same to the unexperienced eye. One of the first challenges for doctors when it comes to these diseases is getting an accurate diagnosis. Because, although they may have similar symptoms, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is … Read More

New Deal News: New publication from HIPS-HZI

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On the way to their target, our nanoparticles loaded with siRNA have to cross the intestinal mucosa and thus, understanding the properties of the mucus & its surrogates is key to improve drug-delivery! Our partners from the Helmholtz Zentrum HIPS just published this paper about it!Β  Here you will find all the news about our team and the progress of … Read More

August New Deal Reads

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1. Inside out: optimization of lipid nanoparticle formulations for exterior complexation and in vivo delivery of saRNA. Blakney AK et al. 2019. Gene Therapy Self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) therapies are at the forefront of new vaccine design, as they have been used to treat diseases like HIV or cancer.Β  To make their effect saRNA molecules must go through the membrane of … Read More