An intestinal simulation for a real disease: testing IBD in vitro

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If we take the whole human gastrointestinal (GI) tract and set it straight, it would be about nine meters long: more or less the height of a three-stage building. But don’t picture it like a long, plain tube. It has several compartments with different structures, each one with a specific function: the stomach secretes acids to degrade the food, while … Read More

The Science Behind New Deal – Video launch!

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Over two million people in Europe live with an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and the number of patients is increasing. Currently, the available therapies show low efficacy and side effects. Therefore, the New Deal project aims to find a selective and local therapy to treat this prevalent disease. We are developing an ambitious therapeutic strategy, and that requires many different … Read More

November New Deal Reads

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Functional lipid polymeric nanoparticles for oral drug delivery: Rapid mucus penetration and improved cell entry and cellular transport. Liu et al. 2019. Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine.Β  Many IBD drugs are administered orally and thus, they have to travel through the gastrointestinal tract to reach the intestine. During this transit, the drug must overcome some biological barriers in order to … Read More

New Deal at UEG week 2019

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Two weeks ago today, members of our consortium members participated in the United European Gastroenterology week in Barcelona. The event was only open to UEG week assistant and that’s why we want to share some insights of the event with all of you. Embedded within the bussy programme of this international gastroenterology meeting, the workshop for clinicians organised by IDIBAPS … Read More