Safety first: towards a reliable treatment

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From the spark of the therapeutic idea until the placement of a drug on a pharmacy shelf, any novel treatment has a long way ahead. Most of them take decades to be available for patients, and the average cost of developing a new therapy rises to up to millions of euros. This drain of time and money is due to … Read More

An intestinal simulation for a real disease: testing IBD in vitro

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If we take the whole human gastrointestinal (GI) tract and set it straight, it would be about nine meters long: more or less the height of a three-stage building. But donโ€™t picture it like a long, plain tube. It has several compartments with different structures, each one with a specific function: the stomach secretes acids to degrade the food, while … Read More

New Deal News: Team meeting in Vigo

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During our stay in Vigo, we had the chance to review the advances of the past six months going over our the most important results from all our partners and troubleshooting critical points. We also had time to discuss our global progress and together define the next steps that will be key for the success of the project. As closure … Read More


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Sharing knowledge and experiences is key for a successful project! And thatโ€™s why our partners from INSERM and IDIBAPS are working together in Barcelona these days. For a few weeks both teams will join forces and work in close collaboration to perform biodistribution and efficacy assays. Keep up the good work!