Living with IBD: treatments

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If you have reached this post, maybe you have been recently diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease or know someone who has been. They are very common: over two million people in Europe live with an IBD, being Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis the most widely spread. The principal characteristic of IBD conditions is the swelling of the digestive tract, which … Read More

April New Deal Reads

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1. Targeting JAK-STAT signal transduction in IBD Soendergaard C. et al. Pharmacology & Therapeutics 192(2018): 100-111 Antibody-based biological drugs were a significant advance for IBD treatments, but unfortunately a high percent of patients doesn’t respond well to this therapy highlighting the need for alternative therapies. Recent studies have shown the great potential of JAK inhibitors to face this unmet medical … Read More

February New Deal Reads

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In New Deal Reads we have prepared for you a selection of relevant papers in the field of IBD and nanotechnology so you can stay tuned with the new advances: 1. Local delivery of macromolecules to treat diseases associated with the colon, Bak A, .Ashford M, Brayden D.J. Journal: Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews in December 2018 The local delivery of … Read More

NEW DEAL was rewarded at Mayoly’s Forum

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The Mayoly Management Forum took place from the 5th to the 8th of February, in Valence. The event gathered all the managers from Mayoly and at this occasion the New Deal project was presented. A new nanotherapy research for inflammatory bowel diseases The goal of the project NEW DEAL is to design and validate a new targeted therapy against inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs). This … Read More

New EU project develops a highly selective and local therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

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The innovations introduced by NEW DEAL strengthen the leadership of Europe in the field of advanced therapies and in particular, in nanotherapies. An alternative therapy for inflamatory bowel diseases (IBDs) The goal of the new European project NEW DEAL is to design and validate a new targeted therapy against inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs). This therapy is aimed at treating patients … Read More