Uncovering IBD: communicating chronic diseases

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An important part of the current scientific research is focused on the combat of diseases that nowadays are uncurable. This is the case of New Deal project, in which researchers from different disciplines are working together to develop a treatment for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). One way to make people benefit from the outcomes of disease research is to let … Read More

Nanomedicine: small tools for major solutions

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What is the tiniest thing you can think of? A pinhead? A flea? Those objects are definitely small but there are even smaller things, measured in the millionth part of a millimetre. We are talking about nanoparticles, small particles with specific properties that have potential applications in several fields, like in medicine. Nanotechnology in medicine has allowed the development of … Read More

NEW DEAL at European Technology Plateform on Nanomedicine 2017

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At the occasion of the 12th annual event of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine in Malaga, Spain, Dr Fabrice Navarro from CEA-LETI was invited to present New DealΒ as an innovative project in nanomedicine. Daniel Perez from Nanoimmunotech, another member of the consortium, was also present during this event. ETPN is the occasion to discuss current trends, to meet and … Read More