Safety first: towards a reliable treatment

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From the spark of the therapeutic idea until the placement of a drug on a pharmacy shelf, any novel treatment has a long way ahead. Most of them take decades to be available for patients, and the average cost of developing a new therapy rises to up to millions of euros. This drain of time and money is due to … Read More

New Deal at UEG week 2019

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Two weeks ago today, members of our consortium members participated in the United European Gastroenterology week in Barcelona. The event was only open to UEG week assistant and that’s why we want to share some insights of the event with all of you. Embedded within the bussy programme of this international gastroenterology meeting, the workshop for clinicians organised by IDIBAPS … Read More

New Deal News: Team meeting in Vigo

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During our stay in Vigo, we had the chance to review the advances of the past six months going over our the most important results from all our partners and troubleshooting critical points. We also had time to discuss our global progress and together define the next steps that will be key for the success of the project. As closure … Read More

World IBD Day 2019

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Over ten million people worldwide live with IBD, a disease that goes unnoticed by most of the people around them. To increase its visibility today we celebrate world IBD day. Under the motto “Making the invisible visible” over 50 countries are joining this initiative to show support to all the IBD warriors out there and to show to the society … Read More

Nanomedicine: small tools for major solutions

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What is the tiniest thing you can think of? A pinhead? A flea? Those objects are definitely small but there are even smaller things, measured in the millionth part of a millimetre. We are talking about nanoparticles, small particles with specific properties that have potential applications in several fields, like in medicine. Nanotechnology in medicine has allowed the development of … Read More

New Deal Video Launch – New nanotherapy research for inflammatory bowel diseases

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Over two million people in Europe live with an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Besides, the number of patients is increasing and it’s become one of the most common immune-mediated diseases in young adults. Among the IBDs, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, are the most common. The current treatments include drugs and biological therapy. But, their efficacy is low and both … Read More


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Sharing knowledge and experiences is key for a successful project! And that’s why our partners from INSERM and IDIBAPS are working together in Barcelona these days. For a few weeks both teams will join forces and work in close collaboration to perform biodistribution and efficacy assays. Keep up the good work!

NEW DEAL was rewarded at Mayoly’s Forum

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The Mayoly Management Forum took place from the 5th to the 8th of February, in Valence. The event gathered all the managers from Mayoly and at this occasion the New Deal project was presented. A new nanotherapy research for inflammatory bowel diseases The goal of the project NEW DEAL is to design and validate a new targeted therapy against inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs). This … Read More

NEW DEAL at European Technology Plateform on Nanomedicine 2017

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At the occasion of the 12th annual event of the European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine in Malaga, Spain, Dr Fabrice Navarro from CEA-LETI was invited to present New Deal as an innovative project in nanomedicine. Daniel Perez from Nanoimmunotech, another member of the consortium, was also present during this event. ETPN is the occasion to discuss current trends, to meet and … Read More

New EU project develops a highly selective and local therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

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The innovations introduced by NEW DEAL strengthen the leadership of Europe in the field of advanced therapies and in particular, in nanotherapies. An alternative therapy for inflamatory bowel diseases (IBDs) The goal of the new European project NEW DEAL is to design and validate a new targeted therapy against inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs). This therapy is aimed at treating patients … Read More