New Deal in a nutshell

Click play and discover the whys and hows of New Deal in a short animation! From the incidence of IBD in Europe, to the currently available treatments and the solutions proposed by New Deal, in less than three minutes we will walk you through the context of our project and explain you all the basics of our new nanotherapy research!  

The science behind New Deal

In this short documentary, you will learn about some of the key scientific concepts needed to understand what we do at New Deal. Join us in this walk around CEA Grenoble and discover from the first- hand experience of our partners how we work to develop a new nanotherapeutic strategy to treat IBD. 


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A communication guide for researchers

While scientist efficiently communicate among themselves through technical channels such as specialised journals or conferences, communicating science to a broader audience becomes a difficult task. The inherent uncertainty of scientific findings, the jargon and the required precision that they are used to dealing with as researchers separate them from other audiences.

This guide includes a series of tools to overcome this limitation covering the basics of scientific communication to help you down the stairs of the Ivory Tower. And we will delve into the communication needs of different audiences, particularly in patients with chronic diseases, such as Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.